Saving content to an edition

One way to make a piece of content available to add to a slot in an edition in the planning view is to save it to an edition. In the content editing window choose "Save to edition" from the save menu.

Saving content to an edition
Saving content to an edition

A dialog is displayed listing the active events and editions. In this example we have chosen to save the content to the "Teaser promotion" in the "Summer sales campaign" event. We'll also add a comment to the planner so that they know what the content is intended for.

In the planning view, this content will be associated with the "Teaser promotion" edition and will appear in the filtered list of content.

Choosing the edition to save to
Choosing the edition to save to

Content versions

When this content is saved to an edition, what is actually saved is a "snapshot" of this version of the content- a representation of exactly how the content appears at this point in time. This allow planners to be certain that the content they approve and schedule is exactly the version of the content that will appear when the edition goes live.

If the content is subsequently updated then a new version of the content will be created. In order for the updated content to be available to the "Teaser promotion" edition, the content producer would need to save the updated content to the edition. There would now be more than one version of the content available to the planner and they would be able to preview each version and choose the one they want to use.

An edition cannot contain different versions of the same content and if such a condition occurs, then the edition cannot be scheduled until the conflict is resolved. See the Resolving version conflicts page for more details.

Adding content to slots

Content revision history

Resolving version conflicts

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