Working with content types

In order to create content of a particular content type, you first need to register the content type on a hub and associate it with one or more repositories.

In this section we explain how to register and update a content type, add an icon to help identify it in the content types window in production, configure a card to provide a representation of a content item in the Content Library, and set up a visualization to allow the user to preview a content item in the content editing window.

In this section

To open the content types window, choose "Content types" from the Development tab in the Dynamic Content app. A list of the content types already registered on this hub is shown.

To register a content type click the "Register content type" button.

The content types list
The content types list

The content type contextual menu contains two items: Refresh content type and update content type.

  • Refresh ensures any changes made to a content type are applied to this hub. Content types are stored outside of Dynamic Content and refresh will ensure that the latest version of the content type is used in this hub.

  • Update opens up the Register Content Types window for this type, allowing you to add or modify icons, cards and visualizations, together with the repositories on which this content type is enabled.

Choosing a content type to update or refresh
Choosing a content type to update or refresh

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