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Content Delivery API

The Content Delivery API is used to retrieve content from Dynamic Content in JSON format. This page shows how to build up an API query and covers the available parameters and examples of the API response.

The inlineContent method is used for converting the JSON-LD returned in the response into a content tree.

Note that the Dynamic Content Delivery SDK simplifies the usage of the Delivery API and includes several helper functions to assist with your development.

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Content Rendering Service API

The Content Rendering Service simplifies the process of retrieving content from Dynamic Content and converting it into HTML format using handlebars templates. The service can be used from both front end and server side code.

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Dynamic Content Service API

The Dynamic Content Service API is intended for backend applications such as webhook integrations. For consuming content in frontend and backend applications use the Content Delivery API.

To use the Dynamic Content Service API you will need an API key and secret. These credentials are used to obtain an OAuth2 access token from the Amplience Authorization Service. A valid access token must be included in each API request. See the Using the Dynamic Content Service API page for more details.

Visit the Dynamic Content service API reference

Dynamic Media APIs

Dynamic Media allows you to manipulate images on the fly, rendering any variant from a single master image. It uses a simple URL based API that allows you to transform images, including resizing, rotating and color correction. It also supports layering and roundels, making it easy to build up and manipulate layers of images.

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