This section contains reference information, including the Content Delivery API and inlineContent method and details of the _meta information returned for slots that are part of editions with active end dates.

Content Delivery API

The Delivery API is used to retrieve content from the CMS in JSON format. This page shows how to build up an API query and covers the available parameters and examples of the API response.

The inlineContent method, used for converting the JSON-LD returned in the response into a content tree.

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Active end dates

If an edition has an active end date set, it means that the content it contains is set to expire at the edition end date. The expiry time is included as part of the _meta data in any slot added to this edition. This page provides more details and includes examples.

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Content rendering service

The Content rendering service simplifies the process of retrieving content from Dynamic Content and converting it into HTML format using handlebars templates. The service is optimised for use from server side code.

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